Service Providers

Service providers for renewable energy include sell side and buy side advisors, technical/financial/legal due-diligence experts, valuation agencies and insurance companies. Buyers can simply get services on demand or download ready-made reports and valuation models. Service providers can pitch their services to potential clients with customized studies and reports, or any project-specific additional services.
You can put your services directly after

Grow your business

Monetize your expertize on blueyellow. Enter new geos. Win new international customers. Find projects you want to engage with and just contact them. It has never been easier. Your offerings will be shown directly on the project pages. You will get contacted by the buyers who need your expertize.

Examples of services we need


Create financial valuation models. DCF and Multiples. Help the buyers evaluate the project.

Tax due diligence

Tax expert in particular geo? Offer your expertize!

Financial due diligence

What are the financial liabilities? Finance gurus needed.

Project management

Can you run buy-side or sell-side advisory services? Not all buyers and sellers have that expertize.


Basically all projects need to be assessed from a legal point of view. Want to do it?

Technical due diligence

Is the asset in a good condition? How about grid connection – is everything on track?

How service providers benefit?


Today you probably create a due diligence report and sell it just once. With blueyellow you can sell the same work to multiple buyers. This will obviously boost your revenue.


Preparing the report once and selling it multiple times increases, not only your revenues, but especially, your profit margin. You can create a more scalable business.

Lower cost of customer acquisition

No need for cold calls or going for dinner with prospects just to “may be” get the contract. Offer your services with incrementally higher conversion rates on blueyellow.


You can create embedded offerings directly on the project pages. You have full control over content, pricing etc. from your back end. You directly select the projects where you want to offer your services.

How does it work?

1. Sign up

You click on sign up, fill-in the form and that’s it.

2. Verification

Your profile will be verified and approved by blueyellow. You will get confirmation e-mail when your profile is activated.

3. Offer Services

You offer your services to any of the listed projects on blueyellow. This is very intuitive. If in doubts, contact us and we will guide you through.

4. You will be contacted by companies

Companies (e.g. investors) who need the particular services will contact you directly. You sell directly to them.