blueyellow for Buyers

Buyers of renewable energy assets such as insurance companies, asset managers, pension funds, utilities, family offices, private investors, etc. Renewable energy projects are not only great for portfolio diversification, they also help the environment. Use blueyellow to get access to renewable energy energy projects and highly specialized transactional services. blueyellow is the most comprehensive platform for these kind of projects. Find projects that match your risk-return profile: brownfield projects, greenfield projects, different technologies, different regions, all-in-one platforms.
You can browse projects directly after

Deal pipeline

We get projects directly at source. We know project developers on all continents. Since value proposition is very attractive for sellers, we have a good flow of projects for sale. Use box view or map view to select the projects that appeal to you.

Project description

On the project page, the seller provides a comprehensive description of the asset, including the timeline of the project (planning, construction, and operation), a description of the technology used, the market regime, etc.

Cost efficient transactions

Since we work closely with service providers, enabling them to scale their businesses, lower their customer acquisition costs, and do multiple sales on the services they offer, the transaction costs for you are significantly reduced.

Services directly on the project pages

Service providers offer their services directly on the project pages. Such services are already project specific. This saves you time, since the service providers are already up to speed regarding particular projects.

How does it work?

1. Sign up

You click on sign up, fill-in the form and that’s it.

2. Verification

Your profile will be verified and approved by blueyellow. You will get confirmation e-mail when your profile is activated.

3. Browse projects

Go to the browse assets section of the platform. Use box view and map view. Use filters to select projects corresponding to your strategy.

4. Contact the sellers

Click on Contact now button and just write a message to the seller. And you can take the rest of the transaction offline. We are not trying to replace in person meetings. Feel free to manage the transaction as you wish; blueyellow can help you with that as well.


It's free!

blueyellow is free of charge for buyers. Nobody even needs to grant any sort of exclusivity. We generate revenue from very tiny success fee (seller side), from charging service providers and by providing in-house transactional services.

Transaction costs are low

Transactional services offered at blueyellow are usually much more cost efficient and of higher quality than you are probably used to. Complete the transactions faster and save money at the same time. Also we offer cutting edge fintech quantitative valuation services. Contact us for details.