blueyellow for Sellers

Sellers of renewable energy assets: project developers, utilities, municipalities, governments, asset managers. Yesterday, in order to sell a project, sellers had to contract an investment bank or advisory company and pay high fees. Today, you can simply sell your renewable energy projects at blueyellow with access to investors worldwide. On the same platform, sellers can search also co-investors or lenders. In addition we can provide you with sell-side services on your projects - we will help you get to the finishline.
You can upload your project directly after

Broad reach and specialized services

With blueyellow you can easily access international investors (equity and debt) ranging from institutional investors to wealthy individuals and family offices. Or use blueyellow to access specialized services and expertise for your projects (besides in-house services, on the platform we have also sell side and buy side advisors, technology and financial experts, lawyers, sustainability consultants…)

Typical Process

and with blueyellow

Reach to several investors

Usually you would reach to several investors, one by one. Probably by phone or e-mail

You reach to more investors

You don’t reach to several investors. You reach basically to all investors by single project upload to blueyellow

Costly transactions

Investment process can become very complex; Investments require due diligence, valuation, legal services… This means high transaction costs

Low cost transaction

Investors can get the transactional services directly on blueyellow platform. This is more time and cost efficient

Investors leave

Which is actually a common reason why some investor do not bid for your project - they just do not want to incur transactional costs

Investors stay

Since the transactional services on blueyellow are more cost efficient, investors can get to final acquisition phase with much lower resources

Cost of capital?

Final bids will be mainly determined by the cost of capital of investors who stayed in the process. Let’s assume winning bid has cost of equity 9%

Lower cost of capital

Since most investors stayed in the acquisition process till the end, you are likely to find investors with lower cost of capital. Let’s assume winning bid has cost of equity 7%


Assume USD 10m FCFE over 25 years. You got offered USD 98m based on the discount rate of 9%

Want to earn 20% more?

With the same assumptions and lower cost of capital you will be offered USD 117m. This is more money for you

Equity or debt

You can use blueyellow to sell your project (directly or in an auction). You can also look for co-investors, debt investors or even services for your project.


We support basically all renewable energy generation technologies. As well as efficiency, transmission, distributions and other infrastructure projects.

Project stage

You can use blueyellow no matter at what stage your project is. We accept operational projects as well as projects in constriction or development stages.

How does it work?

1. Sign up

You click on sign up, fill-in the form and that’s it.

2. Verification

Your profile will be verified and approved by blueyellow. You will get confirmation e-mail when your profile is activated.

3. Upload projects

You go to your profile on blueyellow platform. You can describe your company and also upload projects for sale (or projects where you look for co-investors, debt investors, services, etc.). It is very intuitive. Just contact us if you have any questions and we can guide you through the process.

4. You will be contacted by investors

Investors interested in your project will contact you directly through the blueyellow platform. It is up to you how you take the conversation forward.


Success fee based

blueyellow charges very tiny success fee upon successful closing of the transaction - it means if you don't find investors, you don't pay anything. This is perhaps industry's most cost efficient solution.

And you can get also this

On top of access to the investors through the platform, we can provide you with specialized sell-side advisory services on all projects you list. We will help you with financial models, tell you what to improve on your project to make it more attractive for investors.