Renewable energy transactions are going digital

Blueyellow provides a platform facilitating Renewable Energy (RE) transactions and contributes to making the industry more efficient. 

The Renewable Energy space has changed dramatically over the past decades and looks very different today:

RE is booming: not too long ago, hydro power was the only serious source of electricity generated from renewable sources. Technological advancements and initial subsidy regimes has facilitated new technologies, such as wind and solar power to penetrate the market.

RE is competitive: Today’s power generated from renewable sources at superior locations is cheaper than energy generated from conventional, non-renewable sources. This has three effects: i) feed-in-tariff regimes are/will soon be redundant, ii) margins for all market participants are decreasing and iii) private power purchase agreements (PPA) become a popular form for hedging power price fluctuations.

RE is fragmented: While energy supply used to be large scale and frequently financed with public money, this has changed with the emergence of new technologies. Today’s renewable energy transactions are much more fragmented, can be of any size and increasingly involve private money.


Team and Advisers

Jiri Havran
Jiri's experience bridges e-commerce with renewable energy infrasctructure investments. He spent several years at eBay, Credit Suisse Energy Infrastructure Partners and at Axpo Trading.
Marc Schürch
Marc has a long-term experience in investing in renewable energy infrastructure across Europe. He spent several years at Fontavis, Credit Suisse Energy Infrastructure Partners and The Advisory House.
Dr. oec. HSG
Timur Aka
Timur contributes wide experience and high degree of expertise in mathematical modeling and quatitative methods for energy economics, finance and quantitative risk management. He has spent several years at ewz and Axpo Trading.
Wee-Meng Thoo
Strategic adviser
Wee Meng heads technology investments at Leonie Hill Capital, a leading tech investor with investments including Alibaba, Space X, Baidu, Tencent, or Palantir. Prior to Leonie Hill Capital, he has spent over 20 years in global tech firms.
Executive MBA Peking University