The Challenge – The World Needs Clean Energy

1.2 billion people do not have access to electricity. Renewables provide only around 3% of the world's energy needs. People need to switch to clean energy - and the sooner, the better. According to IEA, over the period to 2035, the investment required each year to supply the world's energy needs will rise steadily towards USD 2,000 billion, while annual spending on energy efficiency will increase to USD 550 billion. Just renewables alone, will require USD 6 trillion in investment over this period. In terms of infrastructure generally, the McKinsey Global Institute estimates USD 57 trillion in infrastructure investment will be required between now and 2030, simply to keep up with projected global GDP growth (including transport, power, water, and telecommunications). 

It's a strange situation we are in today. On one side, there is a huge amount of institutional capital which has to be invested, but the investors do not know to where. On the other side, there is a tremendous need for renewable energy and infrastructure investments worldwide. Renewable energy and infrastructure are both very long-term investments, and, thus, the investment decisions are very sensitive to the cost of capital. The cost of capital is a function of how well established the asset class is and how easy it is to invest. With its global online platform, Blue Yellow can help to simplify renewable energy transactions and ultimately lower the cost of capital necessary for renewable energy investments. Additionally, as of today, the investments are done by middlemen who collect very high fees for not much of added value - this should change as well.

The Solution – A Platform Connecting Projects, Finance and Services

Commodification and digitalization of renewable energy investments will have significant benefits. If the cost of capital (both equity and debt) is lowered, more investment decisions will be taken. Blue Yellow can help to speed up the transition to clean energy. Blue Yellow is a global, clean-energy online platform which helps to facilitate the growth in renewable energy investmenets. 

Blue Yellow is a place where sellers (project developers or owners), buyers (investors of any kind) and service providers (due diligence, buy side or sell side advisory) meet. 
The result is a more transparent and efficient market. Blue Yellow helps members raise capital, buy and sell renewable energy projects, locate potential investments and new clients. Blue Yellow isn’t designed - or meant to replace in-person meetings. It is a platform to better source information and opportunities, prior to committing valuable resources.



Jiri Havran
Jiri's experience bridges e-commerce with renewable energy infrasctructure investments. He spent several years at eBay, Credit Suisse Energy Infrastructure Partners and at Axpo Trading.
Marc Schürch
Marc has a long-term experience in investing in renewable energy infrastructure across Europe. He spent several years at Fontavis, Credit Suisse Energy Infrastructure Partners and The Advisory House.
Dr. oec. HSG
Timur Aka
Timur contributes wide experience and high degree of expertise in mathematical modeling and quatitative methods for energy economics, finance and quantitative risk management. He spent several years at ewz and Axpo Trading.

Frequently asked questions

Why do you do this?
People should switch to clean energy. This is obvious. The sooner, the better - this is also obvious. We need a better world for next generations. Sovereign agencies and politicians have already taken action, but it is not sufficient and fast enough. And there is always the middleman who makes the transactions inefficient both cost wise and time wise. We believe that Blue Yellow can help and boost the transition to clean energy. Our ambition is to create a global clean energy and infrastructure platform to standardize renewable energy transactions, where sellers and buyers have the control over their projects and investments.
Do I need to grant exclusive rights to your platform?
No, you do not need to grant any sort of exclusivity. You may use other channels for selling or buying a project.
How can I buy a project?
Just browse the projects and directly contact the seller.
How can I sell a project?
Sign in and have a private access to the backend to fill in the information about your project.
Do users need to disclose their company’s name?
We understand that some projects can be sensitive. As such, it is up to you whether you disclose the company’s name or not. You can choose to release your company’s name at any stage.
Can I use Blue Yellow to look for debt?
Yes, once you put the project online, simply select/define the service you are looking for, i.e. debt financing.
Can I use Blue Yellow to look for co-investors?
Yes, once you put the project online, simply select/define the service you are looking for, i.e. co-investors.