24 X 7 Green Renewable Electricity

24 X 7 Green Renewable Electricity
Dear Sir,

We have received your contact from net. We set up 24 X 7 Green Electricity Generation Plant. We use Gravity & Buoyancy to generate electricity in closed environment. We call it Closed Loop Vertical Hydro Tower.  We offer green electricity @ 0.03 to 0.05 Cents KWH. For bulk we can negotiate price.

We are looking for investment of 15.60 million USD for our upcoming power plant in Nevada and Texas. We offer good equity participation to our investor.

I have attached here brief on our technology and proposal for our buyers of electricity. To get more information do visit our website www.renewjoule.com.  Our minimum plant size is 10 Megawatts. We need only 875 square meter land for 10 Megawatts power plant. Our 20 years levellized cost is 2 Cents US. Capital cost for net 10 Mw exportable is 15.60 million US Dollars. We are able to setup plants up to 1000 Mw on different locations of country.

For Debt we can offer return of 500 million USD in 3 years if investor invest 50 million in our company.

For Equity we can offer 10% if investor invest 50 million USD in our company.

Thanks and Best Regards

Shayar Choksi

Project Engineer