Connecting existing

to create something new

What happens when you combine the colors blue and yellow? You get green! It is an example of taking things that already exist and making something new, which is also what we do. We connect renewable energy projects with capital through digital platform and sophisticated fintech solutions.

The world needs clean energy

Renewable energy provides only around 3% of the world's energy needs. Meeting the world's growing need for energy will require an investment of more than USD 48 trillion up to 2035 (IEA).

Renewable energy platform

blueyellow digitalizes green energy investments through combining platform for buying and selling renewable energy projects with highly sophisticated fintech solutions.

Fast, easy and low-cost transactions

Transactions within the blueyellow are cost efficient and fast. Besides in-house services and solutions you can also purchase third party transactional services directly on the platform.

Who uses blueyellow?

Developers / sellers

Project developers, utility companies, municipal authorities, governments or asset managers. Owners can simply sell their renewable energy projects at blueyellow with access to investors worldwide. We also offer sell-side services for your projects - we will help you to get to the finishline.

Investors / buyers

Insurance companies, asset managers, pension funds, utilities or private investors. With blueyellow, you get an access to platform for buying and selling of renewable energy projects. Besides that, blueyellow will provide you with cutting edge solutions such as Valuation Centric Hedging and Capital Structure Optimization.

Service providers

Sell-side and buy-side advisers, due-diligence experts, valuation agents and insurance companies. Service providers offer due diligence reports, valuation models, third party opinions or any other types of advisory for renewable energy projects. Buyers can get services on demand or download ready-made reports.

Renewable energy platform and solutions

We offer sophisticated quantitative services and solutions. Investment bankers understand valuation. Traders and originators understand energy markets and trading. We bring these two worlds together. We offer these services for both on-platform and off-platform projects. Sign up or contact us directly for more information.

Future is not deterministic

for investors / buyers

Market prices are anything but deterministic. They are impossible to forecast. Valuing your project using deterministic scenarios does not take into account the stochastic character of market prices. And you are missing the probabilistic view regarding what is likely to happen with project returns.




Valuation centric view

for investors / buyers

Your hedging solution has an impact on the valuation model. And valuation model should be used to optimize your hedging structure. Regarding leverage – more debt you take, higher the equity returns – but also higher the likelihood of default. Valuation, hedging and capital structure are highly interconnected. We offer a unique valuation centric view – we merge valuation with hedging and capital structure optimization.




Hedging structure optimization

for investors / buyers

How to decide whether to hedge 100% of production? Is 75% not enough? The off-take agreement quotes are always lower than expected market price. This means larger the hedge, lower the returns. If you can take some merchant risk, your returns will improve. However, you cannot have too large unhedged positions – that could be very dangerous – your project could default in case of low market prices.




Capital structure optimization

for investors / buyers

The capital structure of the project (how much equity and how much debt) should be optimized taking into account stochastic character of market prices. You can boost returns by leveraging the project and / or by keeping part of the production unhedged. However, troubles begin when electricity prices drop – you still need to cover debt service otherwise your project defaults.




Sell side advisory

for developers / sellers

There are many good renewable energy projects. However, there are fewer projects that have well prepared transactional documentation including financial model and investment memorandum. Such documents are expected by financial investors. If your project is properly structured and documented, you are much more likely to sell it. Let us help you with the sell-side stuff.




We are all about innovation

Digitalizing the industry

Google, Facebook, and Uber are just three examples of innovative customer businesses that have created new digital industries. We are at the forefront of bringing this innovation and digitization to the world of renewable energy investments.

Transparent and efficient market

Today, there are still middlemen who extract significant value from projects. We intend to eliminate this by bringing transparency and by minimizing information asymmetry to make it easy to buy or sell renewable energy projects.

Lower cost of capital

With efficient markets, more transparency, and a digitalized investment process that includes cost-efficient transactional services, the result is that a lower cost of capital is achieved. This lower cost of capital means more positive investment decisions and more renewable energy.

Empowering local companies

blueyellow provides opportunities for local renewable energy project developers to access capital and expertize globally. Local service providers can get contracted by international renewable energy investors, grow their business and enter new geos.