Connecting existing

to create something new

What happens when you combine the colors blue and yellow? You get green! It is an example of taking things that already exist and making something different, which is also what we do. We connect renewable energy projects with capital through digital platform and sophisticated fintech solutions.

The world needs clean energy

Renewable energy provides only around 3% of the world's energy needs. Meeting the world's growing need for energy will require an investment of more than USD 48 trillion up to 2035 (IEA).

Fintech powered renewable energy investment platform

Blue Yellow digitalizes green energy investments through combining platform for buying and selling renewable energy projects with highly sophisticated fintech solutions.

Fast, easy and low-cost transactions

Transactions within the Blue Yellow are cost efficient and fast. Besides in-house services and solutions you can also purchase third party transactional services directly on the platform.

Who uses Blue Yellow?

Developers / sellers

Project developers, utility companies, municipal authorities, governments or asset managers. Owners can simply sell their renewable energy projects at Blue Yellow with access to investors worldwide. We also offer sell-side services for your projects - we will help you to get to the finishline.

Investors / buyers

Insurance companies, asset managers, pension funds, utilities or private investors. With Blue Yellow, you get an access to platform for buying and selling of renewable energy projects. Besides that, Blue Yellow will provide you with cutting edge solutions and services such as stochastic valuation or quant PPA.

Service Providers

Sell-side and buy-side advisers, due-diligence experts, valuation agents and insurance companies. Service providers offer due diligence reports, valuation models, third party opinions or any other types of advisory for renewable energy projects. Buyers can get services on demand or download ready-made reports.

We are all about innovation

Digitalizing the industry

Google, Facebook, and Uber are just three examples of innovative customer businesses that have created new digital industries. We are at the forefront of bringing this innovation and digitalization to the world of renewable energy investment.

Transparent and efficient market

Today, there are still middlemen who extract significant value from projects. We intend to eliminate this by bringing transparency and by minimizing information asymmetry to make it easy to buy or sell renewable energy projects.

Lower cost of capital

With efficient markets, more transparency, and a digitalized investment process that includes cost-efficient, transactional services, the result is that a lower cost of capital is required. This lower cost of capital means more positive investment decisions and more renewable energy.

Empowering local companies

Blue Yellow provides opportunities for local project developers to access capital and expertize globally. Local service providers can get contracted by international investors, grow their business and enter new geos.